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One of the main reasons for investing in bespoke exterior wood doors would be for their capability to instantly upgrade the appearance of the home. Sure, they do also provide increased security, great insulation and a durability that many synthetic materials can’t compete with.
After picking the shape and style, deciding whether or not to add a window, and wood is appropriate for your exterior doors, it might seem like all the major decisions are made. There is, however, one more thing to be considered. And if it is aesthetics that we are concerned with, it’s rather an important consideration.
Unless the exterior wood doors must be treated to keep a natural end, there remains the question of which color they’re to be.
While it may be tempting to select your preferred color, those who prefer to keep up appearances may want to understand how different tones are perceived by people who either pass or enter your home.
What we’re really asking is: what does the color of your exterior wood doors say about you?
Black Signifying power and durability, black exterior wood doors are frequently used on homes to suggest authority. For a visualization, consider 10 Downing Street.
Favored also by people who prefer to dismiss passing trends and fads, black exterior wood doors let people know you will always be as consistent as you are classy.
White has given us feelings of purity and virtue, and white exterior wood doors give off a similar message about your home. Suggesting neat, tidy and organized houses lie behind them, white doors exude cleanliness.
Going well with any home exterior design or style, they also let people know you are happy to greet people; although they will likely have to remove their shoes before entering.
The color of passion and love, red exterior wood doors are often presented by people who like to stand out.
Luckily for those who do see, a red door signifies the sort of outgoing personality who welcomes guests gladly. This message will not be lost on those who do come.
Giving a somewhat more serene vibe, blue exterior doors indicate that your home is your own private escape from the outside world.
Your laid back character is appreciated by your friends and loved ones. However, in case you want a home that indicates you like to be left alone, consider a darker shade of blue.
Representing the energy of the sun, yellow is a color favored by those who love life. Reflecting vibrancy on all those who pass or enter, lesser-spotted yellow exterior wood doors also portray confidence and mental clarity in the homeowner.
Exuding almost childlike and cartoonish qualities, yellow is not for people who wish their house to remain discreet. For those who have never lost their sense of fun though, there is no better color.
Green Transmitting vibes of harmony and tranquility, every visitor to a home with green doors may expect to be greeted with a smile.
Painting natural exterior wood doors in nature’s own colour helps a home to remain in sync aesthetically with the greenery of a locality. It’s a quality not lost on people who love the environment.
When buying bespoke exterior wood doors for your home, there is always the option to stain them in a natural finish. However, for people who wish to project a little bit of their own personality onto their area or just send a subtle message to visitors and guests, the color holds the key.
The question is: Which colour are you?

The color of your door

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